Soft Chiropractic, Physiotherapy &

Massage In Mallorca

At Physiotherapy Mallorca my goal is to provide you with the most comfortable and caring experience while relieving your body from stress and pain. I understand that the mind and body are interconnected, so my treatments are focused on healing your pain as a whole. My services include Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy .

Nikola Meyer

Ultimate Comfort​

Relax & Relieve Your Pain

Feel Your Best Self

You don’t deserve to miss out on your life due to pain or stress

Severe health problems

Limited mobility​

Inability to enjoy life with your loved ones​
Negative effects to work​
Some cases may lead to disability​
Stop the pain and feel at ease with a well-deserved Chiropractic Session

Say goodbye to all of your pains once and for all with the best Chiropractic & Physiotherapy in Mallorca


Reduce your stress


Boost your relaxation & energy


Relieve your pain & muscle tension


Strengthen your immune system


Improve your sleep


Lift your mood


Scare away headaches & migraines

Whatever Stress Or Pain You Are Experiencing, I Got Your Back, Literally!

Types Of Therapies:

Find The Perfect Massage That Suits Your Needs In One Place


You want one-on-one care, and with the right physiotherapist. I’m committed to delivering rapid results with high-quality physiotherapy and exceptional customer service. Dozens of patients choose me every year. Let me help you recover. Book now to secure an appointment with me.

Soft Chiropractic

Whether you are in need of back or neck adjustment I’m here to help. I’m trained in concussion management and work disability prevention. I provide the highest caliber of care for patients in a safe and nurturing environment.


Classic Massage, Sports Massage & Relaxing Massage…When it comes to sports, massage therapy might be a great addition to your fitness routine!. Tune into deep relaxation with my traditional full-body massage. I will use the most effective techniques for you to lose the tension and forget the busy world around you.

Where Am I Located?

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